I am so happy to share this amazing news with you. A few days ago I received an Award – Leading Innovator in Wealth Management and Most Outstanding Woman in Finance 2019. I want to thank Wealth and Finance International for this great honor. And I am very grateful to all managed accounts investors for their support. Guys, this Award is yours also. We made it together.

Featured as an award-winning female trader  at Wealth and Finance International

Lady F Wealth Management is the wealth management company of Inna Rosputnia. We profile Inna and her company to find out more about how this self-made millionaire female trader is working to provide clients with the benefit of her wisdom and experience.
Since the inception of Lady F Wealth Management, Inna has come to gain an average of 300% annual returns for her valued clients whilst at the same time offering clients full control over their finances. As part of this fully transparent approach to wealth management, Inna allows her clients to see all open positions. Her customized service is based on the client’s needs, assets, goals, and risk tolerance, ensuring that they know they are in safe hands.

Investment philosophy

Inna firmly believes that portfolio management and building a trading strategy is the skill of choosing and managing a mix of investments and trading instruments. She also points the importance of combining long-term investments and intraday trades to meet client’s unique needs and goals. Inna gives their money the best possibility of growth and making the client rich while the client gets on with enjoying life. As such, she works tirelessly to provide her clients with the bespoke services they need.

She also believes that challenges help to build a better business model. And, as a result, deliver service of the highest quality.

female trader awards

Therefore, she is constantly searching for the most innovative portfolios that will offer unique challenges.  She uses her skill and financial knowledge to overcome it for the benefit of her discerning clients.

Such an approach is particularly important in today’s tumultuous financial market. Market uncertainties are always a tough and stressful time for traders and investors. However, at the same time, they offer a great opportunity to gain significant returns. Over the past year, Lady F Wealth Managers have used the market uncertainties it has faced to bring in significant returns for her clients. And Inna is proud of the success she has achieved.

Looking to the future, Inna has many exciting plans to grow Lady F Wealth Management and enhance her own career. She is keen to work with more clients. Moreover, she is proud that many of her existing clients are recommending her to friends and family, allowing her to grow her company. In addition, Inna’s new book, Basic Instinct of Trader: How I Turned $10,000 Into $3,000,000 comes out soon and will allow her to showcase her skills and knowledge to a wider audience.

Wishing you a great week!

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