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Inna Rosputnia

is an award-winning, stock and futures trader providing high quality managed investment accounts service. As a money manager, I provide institutional-grade managed accounts solutions, with a solid performance record. Also, I am routinely featured as an internationally recognized investment expert. And, the list of outlets includes Business News Daily, The Wall Street Journal, FOX, and numerous other publications.

I am an active human rights promoter. In addition, I partner with Cherie Blair Foundation for Women.

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Managed Accounts Inna Rosputnia
Separately Managed Accounts SMA Individually Managed Accounts
Account types Individual, Corporate Individual, Corporate
Min. Investments $50 000/  $250 000/  $500 000  $1 000 000
Fees (profit share %) 50/  45/  40 Negotiated profit share
Expected monthly returns 3 – 60% (based on previous results) 2 – 15% (based on previous results)
Trading style Aggressive trading Conservative trading
Risk level Customized Customized

Benefits Of Investing With Me

  • Pay for result. To explain, I don’t charge a management fee. And, we work on a profit-sharing basis. Thus, I make money when you do.

  • Integrity and control. The managed account remains in your name and ownership. So, you have full control over your investments.

  • Individual approach. Specifically, I invest money in opportunities that match your investment plans.

  • Flexibility. Thus, you can deposit or withdraw funds anytime.

  • Transparency. 24/7 online access to your managed investment account. In other words, you keep an eye on what is happening with your money. Also, you’ll have access to a range of reporting options.

  • Security. That is to say, I trade only fully regulated, centralized markets (stocks and futures) to secure your investments. No over-the-counter instruments!


Samples of managed trading accounts return 2018 – October 2020

*Each month we publish a live managed accounts report with average returns. Performance differs depending on account size and risk preferences.

We have updated reporting since October 2020. To check out verified managed accounts returns click on the chosen month.

*Each month we publish a sample of verified managed investment accounts returns. Certainly, performance depends on account size and risk preferences.

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Investors pay taxes only from the net profit. Gross profit – broker commissions – my share = net profit. I provide invoices and agreements to deduct my share from gross profit. For example, a gross profit of $1010 – broker commissions of $10 – my share (let’s say 50%) $500 = net profit $500. This means the investor pays taxes from $500, not from $1010.


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Your Guarantees

managed investment accounts

You have 24/7 control over your funds with my managed accounts service.

managed investment accounts

Your managed trading account is protected by broker compensation arrangements.

managed investment accounts

My trades are automatically allocated. So, I don’t have any direct access to your funds.

managed investment accounts

Login to your managed account to see open trades and reports. Also, you can deposit and withdraw funds at any time.

managed investment accounts

Your money is always on your managed brokerage account. In short, only you have direct access to it.

managed investment accounts

Trusted, regulated brokers.

Verified Inna Rosputnia’s managed accounts reviews and success stories

To get verified badge investor has to pass verification process.  And, only after gets proves the investor has or had a managed account with me, his review gets verified mark

Verified managed investment accounts IR reviews

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MY LIFE AND FAMILY –  I believe knowing more about your advisor is important in building a successful partnership

Are you looking for an investment expert with a proven track record? A trader with a list of loyal, satisfied clients? If so, managed investment accounts with Inna Rosputnia fit your requirements.

Investing with me you enjoy 24-hour access to your funds. All my trades are automatically allocated to linked managed brokerage accounts. Certainly, I will direct the choice, and timing of your investments. At the same time trading account is always in your name and ownership. Moreover, you can deposit and withdraw money at any time.

So, if you are looking for a high ROI, investment accounts managed by prefessional trader is your best bet.

Additionally, below are some of the best advantages managed brokerage accounts afford you

  • Full-time, professional attention by a trader with proven track record.
  • Systematic balancing of investment risks relative to returns. As a result, we get a portfolio that delivers high returns.
  • Access to your financial advisor to answer your questions.
  • Expertise to draw upon all categories of investments.
  • Managed portfolio and trading strategy that best matches your goals.
  • A relationship based upon the investment success of your portfolio. In other words, you pay only when you get profits.
  • Trusted, regulated broker
  • Real-time monitoring of open positions

How I Devise Your Portfolio and Investment Strategy

I am an experienced, award-winning investment manager. Most importantly, with twelve years of experience, I have earned high returns for my managed accounts investors. And, I won recognition in the financial services industry. In 2019, I received award "Leading Innovator in Wealth Management”. Also, I was named the "Most Outstanding Woman in Finance."

Our investing relationship will begin with a meeting of like minds. First of all, we will discuss your wealth-building goals. Thus, we will get clear what strategy and trading style works for you. Moreover, we will discuss your timeline for achieving financial goals. Below, I share my philosophy of wealth-building. Of course, wealth plays important role in fulfilling your most important goals.

Defining Your High-Returns Investment Portfolio

First, we have to understand your financial situation and goals. Next, we will agree on the parameters of your managed portfolio. I will leverage my experience with wide range of financial markets. As a result, we get a balanced and diversified portfolio for your managed account. So, we can achieve above-average returns.

As managed investment account owner, you will receive clear answers to your questions. You have financial questions. Certainly, you want great answers. And, I am here to give them.

Managed investment accounts require a minimum deposit of $50 000. Yet, I don't charge management fee. Most importantly, what you pay is based upon the success of your portfolio. My compensation is 50% of the net gains of your managed brokerage account. In other words, I make money when you do.

Achieve Outstanding Success With the Right Financial Advisor Service

My philosophy for helping managed accounts investors rests on an intrinsic principle. It is a 100% commitment to your success. But why? Because your success is mine, as well. Moreover, I’m passionate about helping you navigate world of trading.

Certainly, when it comes to your wealth, there are three things you want

  • Freedom. In other words, you want enough money to support you for the rest of your life.
  • Security. Surely, you need a confidence that your wealth is secure.
  • Peace. Above all, you want clarity, ease, and comfort in your financial life.
  • And, when it comes to a money manager, you want to partner with a person:

  • You like and trust.
  • Someone who is smart, experienced, and wise.
  • Who cares about YOU. And, knows you – your fears, your hopes, and what matters most to you. In fact, you want to work with a true partner in getting you where you most want to go.
  • And, you know the best managed brokerage accounts about more than the money.

    Sure, portfolio management is important. And, you are looking for something more than best managed accounts. You need a partner who is down-to-earth, caring, great at money, and great with you. You want your money exquisitely cared for. Most importantly, you want the focus on what you care most about. In particular, you want to creating and sustain wealth to support a life you love.

    Thus, I invite you to achieve a high ROI through my managed investment accounts. If you’re ready to ramp up your success, get in touch today. Truly, it is time to discover how you can achieve financial independence!

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      Here’s what my happy clients had to say about my services:

      smas managed trading accounts

      Thank you for 3 years of a great partnership. You are the best trader I ever worked with.

      Lucie Stone, working mom and happy investor

      I learned a lot from you. Thank you for great management, high constant annual profits, and sharing your experience. You changed all my life!!!!

      Julie Drake, teacher

      So young and so smart. Thank you for the great job you are doing and the profits you are earning on separately managed accounts.

      Mark Shonenberg, retired

      You are simply the best! I am so glad I found you! Thank you for 2 profitable years and great friendship!

      Olga Weisman, designer

      I am happy to work with you and finally, I have confidence in my financial future. Thank you for peace in my mind )))))

      Eugen Kiperman, business owner