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Inna Rosputnia

is an award-winning, internationally recognized investment expert, commodities trader, wealth, and money manager. As a blogger and investing strategist, she is routinely reviewed and featured as an expert on trading, investing and wealth management on outlets such as Business News Daily, The Wall Street Journal, FOX, and numerous other publications.

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Managed Accounts
Account types Individual, Corporate
Min. Investments 50 000 USD
Risk level Customized
Fees No management fees. Profit share 50%


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  • Full-time, professional attention by award-winning trader

  • Expertise to draw upon all categories of investments (both short-term and long-term)

  • Access to your own personal advisor to answer your questions

  • A customized portfolio that best matches your wealth goals, risk-tolerance, and investment success timeline.

  • You keep full control over your funds 24h

  • A relationship based entirely upon the investment success of your portfolio

  • Effective and flexible asset allocation

MY LIFE AND FAMILY – I believe knowing more about your advisor is important in building a successful partnership

Your Guarantees

You have 24 hours of control under your funds.

Your money is always in your managed account.

My trades are only automatically allocated on your trading account, and I don’t have any direct access to it.

You can monitor real-time what positions are open.

Only you as the account holder can withdraw your funds.

Trusted and fully regulated USA broker.

Inna Rosputnia managed accounts

Are you looking for an investment professional with a proven track record of high returns and a list of loyal, satisfied clients? If so, a managed account with Inna Rosputnia may fit your requirements for material success.

With this type of account, you enjoy 24-hour access to your funds. Most importantly, you have full control at all times. As your financial advisor, I will direct the choice, balance, diversity, and timing of your investments. All changes will be automatically allocated in your trading account. However, only YOU can withdraw money from your account. I have no direct access to your funds.

If you are looking for a high-returns investment vehicle, a managed account is your best bet. Below are some of the advantages it affords you:

  • Full-time, professional attention by a trader with a proven track record of achieving high returns.
  • Systematic balancing of investment risks relative to returns to create a portfolio that delivers extraordinary returns.
  • Access to your own personal advisor to answer your questions.
  • Expertise to draw upon regarding all categories of investments (both short-term and long-term)
  • A customized portfolio that best matches your wealth goals, risk-tolerance, and investment success timeline.
  • A relationship based entirely upon the investment success of your portfolio, where you pay only when returns are delivered.
  • Trusted and fully regulated brokers
  • Real-time monitoring of open trade positions

How We Devise Your Managed Account Investment Strategy

I am an outstandingly successful trader, and award-winning investment manager. With over a decade of experience in research-grounded, high-return trading and portfolio management, I have earned exemplary returns for my clients and won the recognition of the financial services industry. In 2019, I was named the "Leading Innovator in Wealth Management,” and the "Most Outstanding Woman in Finance."

I have also been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, US News & World Report, and Investment Advisor.

Our professional investing relationship will begin with a meeting of like minds. We will discuss your wealth-building goals, how high-return trading fits into your overall investment situation, and your timeline for achieving financial success and independence. Below, I share my affirmative, motivational philosophy of wealth-building and the role of wealth in fulfilling your most important goals.

Defining Your High-Returns Investment Portfolio

Once we have an understanding of your financial situation, investment philosophy, and wealth-building goals, we will agree on the parameters of your customized managed portfolio. I will leverage my extensive experience with a wide spectrum of investment vehicles to balance and diversify your portfolio, with the goal of achieving substantially above-average returns.

As we collaborate in making investment decisions for your managed account, and throughout our investment relationship, you will receive frank, informed answers to your questions. Whatever the topic — investments, trading strategies, goal-based financial planning, or the outlook for domestic and international markets — I will ensure that your concerns are addressed fully.

Managed accounts require a minimum investment of $50 000. However, you pay no management fees or commissions. What you pay is based solely upon the success of your portfolio. Inna's compensation is 50% of the annual gains of your portfolio. In other words, your success in building wealth is the only basis of my firm's success.

Achieve Outstanding Success With the Right Financial Advisor Services

As such, my philosophy for helping clients rests on an intrinsic principle: A 100% commitment to your success. Why? Simply because your success is mine, as well.

As a trader, I’m passionate about helping you navigate the complex world of trading and the challenges of making effective financial decisions. I invite you to work with me to achieve a high ROI through the vehicle of managed accounts.

For more about my money management strategy, I encourage you to read my book "Basic Instinct of Trader." In it, you’ll learn how I pick long-term investments that generate high returns with the lowest risks. Most importantly, you’ll learn all of the secrets A-list traders are hiding from the common investor. I teach you how to invest in a smarter way and grow your wealth exponentially.

As your financial advisor, you have access to my hard-earned experience to make your dreams come true. If you’re ready to ramp up your success, get in touch today to begin discovering how you can achieve real wealth and financial independence.


Here’s what my happy clients had to say about my services:

Thank you for 3 years of great partnership. You are the best trader I ever worked with.

Lucie Stone, working mom and happy investor

I learned a lot from you. Thank you for great management, high constant annual profits and sharing your experience. You changed all my life!!!!

Julie Drake, teacher

So young and so smart. Thank you for great job you are doing and profits you are earning at managed accounts.

Mark Shonenberg, retired

You are simply the best! I am so glad I found you! Thank you for 2 profitable years and great friendship!

Olga Weisman, Designer

I am happy to work with you and finally I have confidence in my financial future. Thank you for peace in my mind )))))

Eugen Kiperman, business owner


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Futures trading is speculative and involves the potential loss of investment. Past results are not necessarily indicative of future results. Futures trading is not suitable for all investors.

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