We had a lovely weekend in an ancient renewed village Karmi in Cyprus. My kids were so happy. This village has some special magic and spirit. Besides, we are all in love with old Mediterranean streets.

Karmi village, Cyprus

Karmi is also known as Karaman. It is a beautiful village, full of flowers and with amazing views to the coast and inland to St Hilarion castle. The history of the village starts in the Bronze Age. In ancient times people built homes high enough in the foothills to see ships coming and prepare to protect their territory. That was a kind of protection from raiders. In 1974 the village was heavily damaged. After the Greek-Cypriot war within a short period of time, the village became a ghost town and very run down, losing all its’ peace and charm.
Its new history began in 1982 when local authorities decided to lease houses to foreigners with only one condition – they had to restore it with their money. And it worked very well. Investors renewed almost 150 buildings and kept the ancient atmosphere of this place. Moreover, they improved infrastructure by adding new roads. Thus, the village became a German-British community.

Modern Life of ancient village

Karmi is the most well-kept and prettiest village in Northern Cyprus with mind-blowing sea views. We visited Karaman Sunday morning. So, we got a chance to drop into the former Greek Orthodox church which is now a small North Cyprus museum. There is big parking near the church. So, you can leave the car there and enjoy walking lovely streets.
There are two restaurants and even an art gallery in this village. We met painter Billy and had a lovely talk. He is from London, retired, and absolutely in love with the Mediterranean. Billy found the best place for inspiration. This village has a special spirit! I believe Karmi is a great place to visit with a family.

Trader’s life. Visiting ancient village Karmi by Inna Rosputnia

Wishing you a great week!

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