I hope you all are safe. What happens in a world is just shocking. Could you imagine a few months ago we can have closed borders and ‘stay home recommendations’? Life has changed a lot with Covid-19 quarantine. But not mine.

Trader’s life while quarantined

I always work from home ( or any other place with the internet). So, most of the time I spend at home. No shock for me at all. My kids study online at Cambridge school. Oh, by the way, we just in love with this school and its program. We decided online schooling is the best option for us as we travel a lot on business. And here we go main change for us – closed boards…

We can’t travel at all. We stuck in Poland and only God knows when we will be back in the Mediterranean. My kids are bored without the sea and beach. But here is the plus – they can focus on homework )))

Quarantine life in Poland

Poland is an interesting country. We would like to visit many places – mountains, castles and much more. But for now, we can only dream about it. We are only allowed to go out to the shop to buy some food, to visit a doctor, or buy medicine. Or, we can be fined up to $ 7000. It seems to be too expensive for walking lol. Certainly, the mask is a must. I always follow the law and all rules and encourage all of you to stay home and be safe. That’s all we can do for our families while quarantined.

Quarantine life in Europe, Poland by Inna Rosputnia

Wishing you a great week!

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