Separately managed accounts that make your money grow

Preserving and investing your money effectively requires time, experience, and effort. A separately managed account may offer distinct advantages by providing a level of service and sophistication generally available only to large institutions and very wealthy investors.

A separate account from Inna Rosputnia can offer you:

  • Professional Management
  • Award-winning, Time-tested strategy
  • Diversification
  • Direct Ownership of Account and Securities
  • Ongoing Monitoring 24/7
  • High Returns and Individual Approach

Average Annual Return

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Make your money grow!

Trading Methodology

The separately managed accounts combine futures and stocks holdings. Money management strategy is set to invest in the best asset now. My stock holdings are characterized by:

  • Combination of fundamental and technical analysis
  • Momentum, stage analysis
  • Low financial leverage
  • Professional accumulation
  • Money flow
  • Market sentiment
  • Investments that can be purchased at appropriate prices

Our approach to portfolio management ensures investments are appropriately weighted according to their level of risk and reward. Position sizing reflects our assessment of the company’s valuation, quality, and execution of it’s business plan.

When you invest in a separately managed account with Inna Rosputnia, you’ll enjoy:

separately managed accounts control and transparency


Your account, funds, and securities are always under your ownership. Plus, you can see all open trades and access a wide range of reports

separately managed accounts high quality inna


Your account will be managed by award winning-trader with a proven track record and a list of satisfied clients.

separately managed accounts flexibility


No lock-up period. You can withdraw your funds at any time.

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I build tailored investment strategies and diversify across several asset classes to reach your unique goals.

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I work with Individual, Joint, Corporate accounts, and IRA. 

Min. investment for a separately managed account is $500 000. Also, non-US clients can open a multicurrency account for their convenience.

Trading style and asset allocation depend on the investor’s financial goals and risk tolerance. However, I mainly focus on swing and short-term trading, working with SMAs.

The investor sets the max risk for his portfolio. Then, I allocate trades and build customized money and risk management strategy based on this data.

There are no management fees or markups. I charge only the agreed percentage of gained profits. In other words, you pay only after you get results. So you can be sure I treat your account like my own.

You have to report your earnings and pay taxes following current legislation in the country of your residence. From my side, I provide investors agreements and invoices.

Make your money work for you!

    What Are Separately Managed Accounts?

    A separately managed account is a portfolio of individual securities and other assets managed on your behalf by a professional trader and money manager. You invest in individual securities, providing ownership, control, and transparency. In short, it helps investors to position their investments for maximum effect. You'll need a minimum investment of $50 000 to start. Above all, your rewards are considerable.

    Among the benefits you'll receive are dedicated financial advisor services and high ROI. Most importantly, you'll get effective asset allocation and extensive customization options. Investing with me, you always pay for the result. In other words, I don't charge any management fees. So, we work on a profit-sharing basis. Therefore, you can be sure I treat your account like my own. I am making money when you do.

    Are Separately Managed Accounts SMAs right for you?

    • Do you need a larger nest egg to support you in retirement?
    • Have you recently come into an inheritance but aren't sure what to do with it?
    • Do you have a portfolio you need help turning into a reliable income?
    • Are you looking for an investment that gives you maximum control?

    If you answered yes to any of the above, then managed account is your bet. No matter how complex your investment needs are, I have a solution for you.

    The financial world is constantly changing. And, it would be best if you had a professional trader by your side who knows how to profit from it. So, when you become my client, I focus on customizing your portfolio. My extensive experience helps me to navigate market trends. But, most importantly, it helps to pick up the best trades.

    If You’re Looking for High-Return Investments, I’m Your Trader

    I'm an award-winning trader with more than ten years of experience. In 2019, I was named a "Leading Innovator in Wealth Management" and "Most Outstanding Woman in Finance" for gaining high annual returns for my clients.

    I accomplished all of the above while providing my clients complete control over their assets. The Women Economic Forum (WEF) has also hailed my portfolio management expertise. Moreover, my skills originate from Nobel Prize-winning academic research. It explains how markets work and how to achieve consistent results.

    As a professional trader who works with diverse cultures and backgrounds, I understand what it takes to succeed. I tell my clients that my SMA service is for everyone and, all investors can have thriving financial lives. Intrinsically, I have made it my life's mission to empower others to take charge of their finances.

    Using my advanced trading strategies, I focus on your financial health and well-being. The road to financial independence involves a holistic approach. Indeed, it takes into account all of your goals. As an experienced, award-winning trader, I can help you achieve your goals on your terms, not someone else's.

    What You'll Get With My Brand of Financial Advisor Services

    • You pay only for the result. That is to say; I charge no management fees. My compensation is based on a profit-share model. If you don't succeed, I don't either. So, you can be sure that I'll treat your account like my own.
    • Tailored portfolio. I build a personalized portfolio based on your goals and expectations.
    • Customized risk management. In other words, I ensure that your investments are protected.
    • Full control over funds. You're the boss. I believe transparency is the key. You always have the final word on any decision.
    • High returns. To clarify, I use a mix of swing and short-term trades. As a result, this proven technique will maximize your returns.

    Take Advantage of My SMAs Service

    • The minimum investment for the separately managed account (SMA) is $50k (non-US investors) and $100k (US investors).
    • You have 24-hour control of your money. In short, your account, your rules.
    • As an investor, you can monitor in real-time all open positions.
    • Only you, as the account holder, can withdraw funds.
    • Automatic allocation of my trades to your account guarantees fast execution.
    • I partner with trusted and fully regulated brokers.

    Take advantage of my separately managed accounts SMAs to achieve financial independence today!

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