Managed Portfolio Model

Micro contract managed portfolio model – designed to meet your goals with low start capital

  • Low minimum requirements – 10 000 EUR (or equivalent in GBP, AUD, CAD, USD)

  • Asset allocation within fully regulated and centralized futures markets

  • Ongoing monitoring of the investment universe and economic changes

  • Limited losses due to a combination of flexibility and discipline.

  • Strategic, long-term approach with tactical views to provide a diversified asset allocation strategy that seeks to balance risk and return while navigating changing markets

  • Diversification within agricultural, US equities, metals, energy and currency micro contracts


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Investing Methodology

There’s general agreement that you must take above-average investment risk to get an above-average investment return. But investment managers may follow a strategy based on modern portfolio theory that is designed to achieve a stronger return without exposing you to greater risk than you’re comfortable with. Our holdings are characterized by:

  • A deep study of each sector
  • Cycles and seasonal research
  • Commitment Of Trader data
  • Backwardation and spread study
  • Valuation modeling
  • Market sentiment
  • Economic indicators

The approach provides consistent results because a portfolio made up of investments with different levels of risk, including some that are quite volatile and others that are quite stable, can actually moderate the overall risk the portfolio poses without sacrificing its potential return. But it’s not a balance you’ll be likely to achieve without an investment expert.

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A model portfolio is a collection of assets owned by the underlying investor and continually managed by professional investment managers. Model portfolios employ a diversified investment approach to target a particular balance of return and risk or portfolio objective.along the way to help keep your retirement strategy on track.

I focus on swing and short-term trading to keep the best risk/reward ratio.

The risk for the model portfolio is 17%

There are no management fees or markups. I charge only the agreed percentage of gained profits. In other words, you pay only after you get results. So you can be sure I treat your account like my own.

The service is available only for non-US clients

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