Increase your retirement savings with managed IRA

  • Professional management

  • Position sizing that reflects our assessment of valuation, quality and the degree of strategy execution

  • Customized strategy for your IRA

  • Modernized approach to value investing in stocks

  • Asset allocation to profit in a variety of economic environments

  • Short-term trades in other asset classes, like commodities

  • Limited losses due to a combination of flexibility and discipline.

  • Wide variety of investment products that are liquid and transparent

Average Annual Return

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Investing Methodology

Managed IRA is a service with an individual approach to each investor and allocation among different asset classes. When it comes to stock investing, our portfolios have a quality focus with a strong valuation discipline. Our holdings are characterized by:

  • A competitive advantage, leadership within a specific niche and a sound track record
  • Financial strength, high levels of profitability and margin
  • Low financial leverage
  • Capital efficient growth and cash generation
  • Highly capable management team aligned with creating shareholder value
  • Companies that can deliver genuine sustainable long-term growth
  • Investments that can be purchased at appropriate prices

Our approach to portfolio management ensures investments are appropriately weighted according to their level of risk and reward. Position sizing reflects not only our assessment of valuation and quality, but also the degree of strategy execution.

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I’ll build an investment strategy for your IRA, manage your account, and make adjustments along the way to help keep your retirement strategy on track.

Trading style and asset allocation depend on the investor’s financial goals and risk tolerance. However, I mainly focus on value investing and short-term trading, working with managed IRAs.

The investor sets the max risk for his portfolio. Then, I allocate trades and build customized money and risk management strategy based on this data.

There are no management fees or markups. I charge only the agreed percentage of gained profits. In other words, you pay only after you get results. So you can be sure I treat your account like my own.

You have to report your earnings and pay taxes following current legislation in the country of your residence. From my side, I provide investors agreements and invoices.

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