Today I want to focus on Insider Accumulation because it sends warning signs to $AAPL and $TSLA investors. Moreover, this week I got a lot of questions about dollar. My recent EUR forecast played very well. In most cases, DX moves in the opposite direction to EUR futures. But still, lets double check it.

Tesla stock forecast

The price action looks very interesting. TSLA stock shows signs of depreciation. But as you know I like to trade a mix of fundamental and technical analysis to have a higher chance of winning trade. The Insider Accumulation is just screaming on a weekly chart. It shows what smart money is doing. No matter what they say, the fact is they don’t buy Tesla. The Insider Accumulation is very low.

At the same time, Sentiment Index and Cycle Forecast show potential consolidation. It makes perfect sense – the price has broken below the trendline of the bearish flag. So, if we see a successful retest of that trendline, consider hedging your $TSLA investments (if you have one) with options or futures. The natural magnet in that case is 400 at least.

TSLA forecast 23 may 2021
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Apple stock forecast

$AAPL is flagging as well. However, unlike Tesla, it didn’t break down. But Insider Accumulation and Cycle Forecast are very bearish. On the other hand, Seasonal Forecast is bullish, while Sentiment Index indicates coming bounce up. With all that in mind, I want to add Apple to my watchlist as a short candidate if the trendline breaks to the downside. If that happens, bears will target $80 at least.

Moreover, we have clear signs of Wyckoff distribution on the weekly chart. However, we need more price action to confirm all events and phases before considering shorts.

DX (dollar index) forecast

Dollar bears are not done yet. Cycle Forecast and Seasonal indicate potential breakdown below weekly support. However, the commitment of the trader report is neutral. It disturbs a bit. So, we better stick to price action. In case of a breakdown below last week’s low bears will target 88.50. If that support fails as well, we have all the chances to see a free fall to 84.5. It is not going to happen very fast.

But in the middle-term, it seems the most realistic scenario based on the indicators mentioned above. As I mentioned last week in one of the posts, the FOMC meeting next month can shake markets and create amazing opportunities for swing traders. So, keep an eye on it.

DX forecast 23 may 2021

Insider Accumulation Speaks To $TSLA and $AAPL and Dollar Investors by Inna Rosputnia

Wishing you a great week!

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